Yasir Suleiman, Contextualising Islam in Britain: Exploratory Perspectives (Cambridge: University Press in association with the Universities of Exeter and London, October 2009). Participant along with 25 others, and presenter of paper at Symposium IV on ‘Muslim Thought and the State’. [Link to PDF]

Stefano Allievi, Conflicts over Mosques in Europe: Policy issues and trends (London: Alliance Publishing Trust, 2009), Network of European Foundations Initiative on Religion and Democracy in Europe). A national overview on mosque conflicts in the United Kingdom by Sophie Gilliat-Ray and Jonathan Birt fed into this report alongside empirical studies from Spain, Italy, Greece, Austria, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Belgium and Sweden alongide national overviews from Great Britain, France, Germany, the Netherlands and the Baltic and Nordic countries. The report may be freely downloaded from here (PDF).

Promoting Virulent Envy? Reconsidering the UK’s Terrorist Prevention Policy‘, RUSI Journal, August 2009, 154/4, pp. 42-48. [Link (subscription only)]

(as Lead Researcher for co-written report), Beliefs, Narratives and Ideologies of Violent Radicalisation, Lot 2, UK In-Country Report, February 2008 (unpublished) for European Commission’s Freedom, Security and Justice Directorate. Summarized in lead report, Change Institute (London), Studies in Violent Radicalisation (Lot 2): The Beliefs, Ideologies and Narratives, pp. 61-68, 118-120 (first seven points). [Link to PDF]

(as part of Working Group) ‘Engaging with Young People’, Preventing Extremism Together, August-September 2005, 12-21. [Link]