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Sufis and Salafis of the West: Discord and the Hope of Unity (August 2007)
The Islamist: A Review (May 2007)
Between Nation and Umma: Muslim Loyalty in a Globalizing World (Mar 2007)
With Us or Against Us: The Rhetoric of the War on Terror (Feb 2007)
Notes on Islamophobia (Dec 2006)
Mind the Generation Gap (Nov 2006)
Is Britain now post-multicultural? (Oct 2006)


Pledge of Mutual Respect…. (Aug 2007)
Reporting “Extremism”: Inaccuracy and Censorship (Aug 2007)
The Problem with “Stop and Search” (Aug 2007)
“Hearts and Minds”: What more can be done? (July 2007)
Ex-Muslims Excluding Muslims? (Jun 2007)
Beyond Sidique (Jun 2007)
Multiculturalism and the discontents of globalisation (May 2007)
Signing Up for Moderation: Endorsing the Amman Message (Mar 2007)
Orhan Pamuk’s “Snow”: Between Confinement and Freedom (Mar 2007)
Wisdom and the Universal Library (Mar 2007)
Uncovering ‘Undercover Mosque’ (Jan 2007)
The Next Sunni-Shia War (Jan 2007)
British Emigration and the Muslim Question (Dec 2006)
The Veil and the Limits of English Tolerance (Oct 2006)
Terrorism, Politics and Media Controversy (Oct 2006)
Sir Trevor, the Muslims and the new Equalities Commission (Sept 2006)
What the Moroccan Ambassador Knew (Sept 2006)
Beyond the language of guns, bombs and development (Aug 2006)
What’s the link between integration and extremism? (Aug 2006)
Converts, Culture and Terrorism (Aug 2006)
An Unprecedented Letter (Aug 2006)


Big Tent Islam in America (Oct 2007)
Farewell Robert Jordan (Sept 2007)
America’s Two Faces to the World (Sept 2007)
One Year On: Thanks for Your Support (July 2007)
Ummatic Trade Barriers (July 2007)
Back in 2003, we marched… (May 2007)
Need a bit of a laugh? (Apr 2007)
Where some Dads go wrong… (Mar 2007)
Manufacturing Muslim Desire (Jan 2007)
Blogging the Islamic Anglosphere (Oct 2006)
Towards a working definition of extremism (Aug 2006)
Even Empires Dream… (Aug 2006)


Human Tetris (July 2007)