About This Site

This is a personal website designed to archive my writings, mostly on British Islam, alongside other miscellanea. The blog will feature occasional essays reflecting on Muslim life in the UK and elsewhere.


All views expressed on this website are personal and are not necessarily reflective of any organisation that I work for, or of any organisation I am working with collaboratively in an official or unofficial capacity.


I am currently undertaking a doctorate at the University of Leeds, looking at the postwar history of Muslim political activism in Britian. Previously I worked as Commissioning Editor at Kube Publishing between 2008-14. During 2006/7, I was honoured to serve as the national Director of the City Circle in London. I’m also a writer and researcher and have done academic and policy work, journalism and book reviews, chiefly on British Muslims. I have served as a trustee for a number of organisations including the Oxford Research Group, the City Circle and the Cambridge Muslim College.

I was born in 1968 and have been a Muslim since 1990, and am not very keen to talk publicly about my personal faith, seeing it as more of a private matter. I’ve been married since 1997 to Fozia and have two children.

A personal photo is available here for general use.

Creative Commons and Fair Usage

The content of this site is under the Creative Commons licence. Click here for further details.


I would like to thank my wife Fozia for her kind encouragement and continual support and my two children for inspirations and interruptions of all kinds. Musab, my brother-in-law, for setting up and maintaining the website and putting up with my IT illiteracy. Nasir Cadir and Naiem Qaddoura for technical help and assistance with graphics. I would also like to thank all publishers and editors for allowing me to reproduce any published material. Finally, all mistakes and errors are my own, and I take full responsibility for any views expressed here. Wa’l-hamdu li’Llahi rabbi’l-`alamin.

2 responses to “About This Site

  1. Raja Mazwin

    Assalamu’alaikum Brother Yahya.

    I enjoy reading your writings although I live in Malaysia.

    Can you please write your thoughts on the American reaction to the Cordoba Centre in Manhattan New York (the so-called “ground zero mosque”)?

    I think your blog articles should be published in a book for the benefit of Muslims and non-Muslims around the world.


    Sister Mazwin.

  2. Abdul Latif Al-Amin

    as sallamu alaikum wa rahmatullah.

    Inshaa Allah you are well and in the best of states.
    May Allah increase you in all that is good in this life and the next.

    Can you post this write up on SeekersGuidance by Sidi Khurram Zaman on your blog?


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