Brass Crescent Nominations are now up

Nominations for the Fourth Annual Brass Crescent Awards are now up (now that the good folk at the Awards have finished wading through 300 nominations). Voting closes on the 14th December.

It’s the strongest ever British performance this year, although far be for me to suggest that patriotism is the only valid voting criterion! The Brits include Spirit21 for “Best Blog” and “Best Female Blog”, The Cutting Edge, Rolled-Up Trousers and The Islamicist all make it into “Most Deserving of Wider Recognition”, Deenport for “Best Design”, A Muslim Think Tank for “Best Post or Series” on Muslims in the EU, Riazat Butt’s Islamophonic for “Best Multimedia Blog” and The Cutting Edge crops up again for “Best Ijtihad”. Oh, and some bloke managed to sneak in as well and is completely failing to show the requisite faux sangfroid at the moment!



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6 responses to “Brass Crescent Nominations are now up

  1. Until there is more of a choice with these things most winners will be so by default. As such the awards are redundant at best, and self-patting-on-the-back at worst.

    Shakil Sheikh,

  2. Dear Shakil,


    Can you expand a bit more? They had 300 nominations to sort through and there were quite a few new faces in there, including a bevy of British Muslim bloggers who weren’t there before as well as some old faces. There were quite a few blogs I’d never heard of before as well. In what ways did you think the range was too narrow? Did you put nominations in as well?

    Generally I see the awards as helping to identify and encourage blogging by Muslims, at least in English. I don’t know if it could really go multilingual for practical reasons.

    Salams, Yahya Birt, Leicester

  3. Salaam
    It is a naff and ‘typical’ in so many ways. being well meaning isnt enough. I dont think blogging is a particularly amazing encouragable endeavour. Maybe we should just read and behave more..

    Maybe even an exploration of muslim blogging habitus…. ;-P


  4. Well, the thing about nominating is you have read every single blog to know what they’re about. Likelihood is I will only vote for the blogs I know of. So the winners will generally be – those who have a fan base or quite a sizeable number of readers and it may not be a ‘great’ blog.

    Two of my nominations got through but they’re competing against each other which doesn’t help!

    And I don’t get why the Islamicist didn’t get the best series as opposed to the wider recognition one.

    Ahh well, umm, Yahya gets a vote from me! 😀

    Asikha, The Thing About This Is…

  5. Just a quick unrelated note that your comment form may be broken – apparently I live in Morgan City now. My surname has also been spelled incorrectly for some reason.

    Anyway, I guess my criticism is with these kind of awards in general, it just hits home more when it’s with respect to something I’m interested in. I just don’t think popular contests are the best way to promote the good work many Muslims are doing in their blogs – it’s the prettiest people who will win, if not the one with the best marketing strategy and contacts.

    If that’s the point of these awards, then that’s fair enough. I just don’t think it’s very useful in promoting quality and good ideas.

    But hey, perhaps I’m just jealous – my congratulations go out to all who were nominated anyway.

    Shakil Shaikh, Morgan City

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