Big Tent Islam in America

The impressions of a British Muslim about the Islamic Society of North America’s 2007 annual convention. Posted here, courtesy of Emel Magazine.



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2 responses to “Big Tent Islam in America

  1. Random Guy

    ASLK All,

    And there you have it. Different strands, different attitudes, different degrees of Muslim – and a lot of goodwill holding it all together. Sounds brilliant. Of course, the reality may not be as rosy but I have to say it sounds like a superb event. Is this a way forward? I have yet to see anything similar in the UK – but admiteddly I am not the most aware of all events happening around the country (part of the problem perhaps?).

    I think we need to address the unity aspect better. Are you suggesting that this is a model worth considering and adapting?

  2. The American (ISNA) example seems very interesting and it speaks volumes to the hard work that has been undertaken.

    This is also complimented by American Muslims being more integrated and established within society.

    But that begs the question, should UK Muslims be working for tolerance before unity? or unity before tolerance?

    What is your point of view on the matter?

    The Middle Awakening Team

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