One Year On: Thanks for Your Support

This blog is nearly a year old. I wanted to thank everyone for taking the time out to visit and look at the site, for posting comments and sending emails. Despite only averaging two to three posts a month, I’m amazed that the site has had over 400,000 visits since it started, with over 4000 sites now visiting every month, and around 500 visits a day, alhamdulillah. Any feedback about how I could improve either the site or the blog further would be much appreciated.



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4 responses to “One Year On: Thanks for Your Support

  1. Salam

    Congratulations! I am not surprised that your blog has done so well! May Allah bless you and your family! Keep up the good work!


  2. Hyder Abbasi

    Salaam Sidi Yahya,

    Hope your site/blog goes from strength to strength. And yes, keep up the good work. May He protect and elevate you.

  3. M H Zaheer

    AsalamuaAlekum Yahya Effendi

    Inshallah I hope that your well.

    Congratulations with the blog’s success!

    Your specialisation in contemporary Muslim Identity Politics has highlighted the need for Muslims to be independent and inter-depdendent during a time of “fear and paranoia”; whilst promoting the virtues of justice, in the face of tyranny.

    Jazakallah Khair for your efforts

  4. liem_b_sie

    Asalamualaikum Brother Yahya

    Hope yaour blog goes from success to success


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