Even Empires Dream…

The New Middle East — at least as reimagined in a US military journal. French and British colonial wrongs are righted. Nations once denied in the old dispensation arise: Kurdistan, Baluchistan, the Shia Arab State (presumably a counterweight to the Shia Persian state, Iran, which gets reunited with Persian Afghanis). Saudi dominance of the Arabian Peninsula is ended as territory is ceded to the Yemen, Jordan and the ‘Islamic Sacred State’ (to be run by some Islamic version of the Vatican — the OIC perhaps!). The Saudis, presumably along with the Al Shaikh, get to retain their Najdi heartlands. Like the Saudis, other American allies are similarly rewarded with territorial losses: Turkey cedes its Kurds, Pakistan its Baluchis and Pashtuns (reduced thus to the Western Punjab and Sindh, a mere buffer state between India and Afghanistan), and Iraq is dismembered altogther into Shias, Sunnis and Kurds. Such is the price of loyalty.

Even if Israel has to go back to its pre-1967 borders, at least one thing stays the same — Palestine’s status remains unsecured.


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